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27 janeiro 2006

Acessibilidade é uma das razões para a Intranet da IBM estar entre as 10 mais

No artigo publicado ontem, dia 26/01/06, com título: "IBM's Intranet One of the World's Top Ten", no Financial News - Yahoo! Finance, o Nielsen Norman group reconhece a "acessibilidade" como uma das 5 características chave que tornaram a Intranet da IBM, "One of the World's Top Ten".

-- Accessibility -- The site is designed to be easy to use for people with disabilities, including older users, users with motor-related disabilities, memory or literacy issues, or low vision.

Os outros itens são:

-- Personalization of news -- Based on self-created profiles, employees receive internal and external news tailored to their jobs and interests.

-- Role-specific portlets -- Job-specific portlets are available for employees in finance, sales, and management. This means all the tools and applications these employees need for their particular function are available directly from their IBM intranet home page.

-- Employee directory -- "If the average employee directory is a hill, the IBM BluePages would be the Matterhorn... with a plethora of features and pertinent information, the IBM BluePages is probably the most robust intranet employee directory we have ever encountered," Nielsen Norman's report says. BluePages facilitates collaboration by allowing IBMers to find each other more easily. Using this tool, IBMers can even search for other employees based on their areas of expertise.

-- Blogging -- Through BlogCentral, IBM Employees can share their ideas by creating their own blogs, or subscribe to each other's blogs via RSS.

Fonte: Phill Jenkins - IBM Worldwide Accessibility Center

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